Overall Standings

The cumulative points total.

Name Points
John Cusworth35
Henry Searle29
Connor Nixon25
Billy Thorpe23.5
Oliver Buxton22.5
Richard Martin21
George Bradley12
Stephen Sanderson12

By event

Car Deadlift

Position Name Repetitions Points
1John Cusworth318
2Henry Searle287
3Richard Martin266
4Billy Thorpe234.5
4Oliver Buxton234.5
5Connor Nixon193
6George Bradley142
7Stephen Sanderson121

Log Lift

Position Name Log Weight Points
1John Cusworth1128
2Connor Nixon1057
3Billy Thorpe1026
4Henry Searle1005
5Oliver Buxton954
6George Bradley933
7Richard Martin902
8Stephen Sanderson801

Conan's Wheel

Position Name Distance (degrees) Points
1John Cusworth22178
2Billy Thorpe21757
3Oliver Buxton18796
4Connor Nixon17505
5Richard Martin16304
6Stephen Sanderson15293
7Henry Searle14862
8George Bradley12051

Static Hold

Position Name Time (sec) Points
1Connor Nixon47.338
2Henry Searle43.787
3Stephen Sanderson38.876
4Oliver Buxton36.915
5John Cusworth33.994
6Richard Martin33.013
7Billy Thorpe30.212
8George Bradley24.191

Overhead Medley

Position Name Medley Level Total Time (Seconds) Points
1Henry Searle416.818
2John Cusworth418.967
3Richard Martin419.166
4George Bradley422.125
5Billy Thorpe425.654
6Oliver Buxton426.093
7Connor Nixon431.812
8Stephen Sanderson332.131

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