Overall Standings

The cumulative points total.

Name Points
Heather Leary17
Sarah Orr16.5
Emma Packford-Garrett 15
Nataša Andrewes 14
Jemma Stokes12.5

By event

Car Deadlift

Position Name Repetitions Points
1Jemma Stokes84.5
1Sarah Orr84.5
2Heather Leary53
3Emma Packford-Garrett 32
4Nataša Andrewes 11

Log Lift

Position Name Log Weight Points
1Emma Packford-Garrett 455
2Heather Leary403
2Jemma Stokes403
2Nataša Andrewes 403
3Sarah Orr381

Conan's Wheel

Position Name Distance (degrees) Points
1Sarah Orr2251.75
2Nataša Andrewes 18794
3Heather Leary12043
4Jemma Stokes1167.12
5Emma Packford-Garrett 10801

Static Hold

Position Name Time (sec) Points
1Emma Packford-Garrett 59.075
2Heather Leary524
3Sarah Orr503
4Jemma Stokes47.292
5Nataša Andrewes 451

Overhead Medley

Position Name Medley Level Total Time (Seconds) Points
1Nataša Andrewes 421.535
2Heather Leary432.184
3Sarah Orr455.93
4Emma Packford-Garrett 210.872
5Jemma Stokes213.031

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