Overall Standings

The cumulative points total.

Name Points
Joe Ollerhead31
Joel Lees-Massey30
Daniel Farmer24
Adam Kitchener16
John Carter15
Phillip Hughes14
Aidan Ollerhead10

By event

Car Deadlift

Position Name Repetitions Points
1Adam Kitchener317
2Joel Lees-Massey246
3Joe Ollerhead235
4Daniel Farmer204
5Phillip Hughes173
6John Carter142
7Aidan Ollerhead121

Log Lift

Position Name Log Weight Points
1Joel Lees-Massey1287
2Joe Ollerhead1216
3Daniel Farmer1205
4John Carter1104
5Phillip Hughes903
6Adam Kitchener852
7Aidan Ollerhead801

Conan's Wheel

Position Name Distance (degrees) Points
1Joe Ollerhead21607
2Joel Lees-Massey18306
3Aidan Ollerhead14735
4Phillip Hughes11854
5Daniel Farmer9003
6John Carter3802
7Adam Kitchener3001

Static Hold

Position Name Time (sec) Points
1Daniel Farmer60.657
2Joe Ollerhead41.686
3Joel Lees-Massey38.095
4Adam Kitchener33.974
5John Carter32.493
6Aidan Ollerhead30.062
7Phillip Hughes27.291

Overhead Medley

Position Name Medley Level Total Time (Seconds) Points
1Joe Ollerhead417.827
2Joel Lees-Massey4186
3Daniel Farmer419.75
4John Carter434.054
5Phillip Hughes444.593
6Adam Kitchener4732
7Aidan Ollerhead0751

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