Overall Standings

The cumulative points total.

Name Points
Daniel England28
Charlie Rosen25.5
Eliott Glinn21.5
Freddy Bjergsted21
Rhys Simpson15.5
Malek Duffy-Mahiou15
Tyson Mitchell13.5

By event

Car Deadlift

Position Name Repetitions Points
1Charlie Rosen317
2Daniel England256
3Malek Duffy-Mahiou245
4Eliott Glinn164
5Freddy Bjergsted153
6Tyson Mitchell142
7Rhys Simpson11

Log Lift

Position Name Log Weight Points
1Daniel England1107
2Freddy Bjergsted856
3Charlie Rosen804.5
3Tyson Mitchell804.5
4Eliott Glinn702.5
4Rhys Simpson702.5
5Malek Duffy-Mahiou681

Conan's Wheel

Position Name Distance (degrees) Points
1Charlie Rosen1862.97
2Malek Duffy-Mahiou1731.96
3Freddy Bjergsted1692.55
4Eliott Glinn1567.54
5Rhys Simpson1191.13
6Tyson Mitchell995.12
7Daniel England9001

Static Hold

Position Name Time (sec) Points
1Daniel England777
2Rhys Simpson50.656
3Eliott Glinn45.065
4Tyson Mitchell454
5Freddy Bjergsted44.213
6Charlie Rosen35.852
7Malek Duffy-Mahiou27.841

Overhead Medley

Position Name Medley Level Total Time (Seconds) Points
1Daniel England419.647
2Eliott Glinn422.126
3Charlie Rosen425.245
4Freddy Bjergsted425.754
5Rhys Simpson434.663
6Malek Duffy-Mahiou324.092
7Tyson Mitchell211.651

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